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West Valley City—Pioneer Valley Dental is now incorporating a new CO2 laser into its everyday dental procedures.  The West Valley City dental office is using this new laser technology when doing surgical procedures, cosmetic enhancements and in treating periodontal disease (the word, periodontal, refers to areas around the tooth, including the gums). 

     “Dental lasers are used to remove bacteria and endotoxins (poisonous substances found in bacteria) from around the teeth,” according to Dr. Curtis Smith from Pioneer Valley Dental.

       Smith added that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.  “If left untreated, gum disease can destroy the bone that holds teeth in place.  This can result in the loss of teeth.  Periodontal disease begins with a bacterial infection in the pockets between the gum tissue and the tooth.  Common symptoms of periodontal disease include bleeding of gums when brushing, sensitivity to hot and cold, bad breath, swollen or tender gums and a darkening red color of the gums.  It’s important to note that more brushing and flossing will not eliminate the problem.  It needs to be professionally treated.  Laser technology can safely be used on almost everyone, including children and pregnant women,” he said.

     “When using the laser in surgical procedures, tissue swelling is reduced greatly and there is almost no pain because the laser light seals the blood vessels and nerves. The laser light also kills any bacteria in the area where it is used creating an environment for faster healing.” 

      Smith did his undergraduate studies in the area of biochemistry at Northwestern University and Brigham Young University.  He graduated as valedictorian of the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in 1993.  After he graduated, he joined the Pioneer Valley Dental staff.

West Valley City Dentist | Dental Laser Treatment. Curtis Smith is a West Valley City Dentist.