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Schedule Your Children For A Dental Checkup As Part Of Back-To-School Routine

With the end of summer, parents are beginning to prepare their children for back to school.  Part of this preparation usually includes an annual checkup with a family physician.  The staff at Pioneer Valley Dental in West Valley City wants to remind parents that a dental checkup should also be scheduled before children return to the classroom. 

If your child is entering pre-school or grade school, it’s important that his or her first experiences with dentists be positive. Usually, comprehensive exams for children include cleanings and X-rays (to make sure teeth and gums are developing properly).  It’s also helpful to have a kid-friendly environment, like the one found at Pioneer Valley Dental.  Diversions like movies, cable television, and even a Star Trek Starship Enterprise-themed children's play area found at Pioneer Valley Dental help children (and even many adults) get through their appointments with pleasant distractions and less stress.  By making your children’s visits to the dental office more favorable, you’ll be setting a precedent for a lifetime of good dental health. 

Here are a few other tips from Pioneer Valley Dental about good dental hygiene and children: 

-When your child’s first tooth erupts, it’s time to begin brushing.  Use toothpaste and a toothbrush made especially for children (the toothbrush will have very soft bristles).  Brush in a gentle, circular motion.  Make sure to floss. 

-Avoid toothpastes with fluoride.  Children often swallow toothpaste, and fluoride can be dangerous if it’s ingested.  Also, don’t use adult toothpastes that have harsh abrasives since they can remove enamel from a child’s soft teeth. 

-Make sure you emphasize to your children how important it is to brush twice a day.  Make this a part of their everyday routine, no matter what excuses they try to create. 

-Provide a healthy diet that includes regular snacks like fresh carrots, apples, celery cheese and yogurt. 


West Valley City Dentist | Schedule Your Children For A Dental Checkup As Part Of Back-To-School Routine. Curtis Smith is a West Valley City Dentist.